IAMTS Newsletter #3-2022

Jun 08

IAMTS Newsletter #3-2022

By Marijan Jozic

IAMTS was already founded in 2019 as a consortium of SAE ITC. SAE ITC is a subsidiary of SAE international which was founded in 1905. You might say old stuff. Yes indeed. Especially when I tell you that Henry Ford was one of the first members. But let’s go back to new stuff, to IAMTS. IAMTS is a member-based alliance with members from all over the globe. In our on-line meetings we greet each other with a special greet: “good morning - good afternoon - good evening!” That already confirmed my statement that we are all over the globe. You could also say, the sun never sets on International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (IAMTS). That was approximately our time zone. People involved know that we have 4 solid WG’s (Working Groups) and one SG (Study Group). For us who are puzzling what are WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4 and SG5 the following description:

  • WG1 is about Test Scenarios
  • WG2 is about Testbeds
  • WG3 is about Virtual Validation and
  • WG4 is about Cyber security (what else…)

Besides that, there is a SG5 (Study Group 5) which is handling the Certification of HAV over the whole lifecycle. In the future that will probably become WG5. So far so good!

Up till now we were in the IAMTS comfort zone. You might say in the cradle of SAE ITC. But you can’t always stay in the cradle. Therefore, the time matured to leave the good old SAE ITC cradle and become an independent association. As you might feel there is a change at the edge of the present IAMTS zone. Next week the new change will be announced at the conference in ZalaZONE. ZalaZONE is the automotive Proving ground and test track located in Hungary. Next week there will be exciting two days at ZalaZONE. That Zone will be the hottest place in the universe. Automotive professionals from all over the globe will be there to explain the new independent IAMTS organization and to brief you about four Working Groups and the Study Group. There will be plenty of time for networking and for a tour at the test track.

Just to remind you about the importance of networking. Somewhere in the lobby at the ZalaZONE conference center you might run into an unknown person, start the conversation, and find out that there is a lot of potential for cooperation. It can be business-wise, but you can also exchange knowledge and learn new things. He or she might introduce you to somebody who can become your business partner for the rest of your career. How cool is that?

I am happy that after a couple of years we can finally enjoy face to face meeting and be in the zone called ZalaZONE. For people who are not traveling, there is a possibility to enjoy the hybrid part of the meeting (in the Teams-Zone or Zoom-Zone) and get the latest and the greatest information about new IAMTS.

See you in ZalaZONE.