With over 550 acres, ITIC’s testbed in Greenville, SC offers an ideal environment for conducting rigorous scientific and educational testing of new mobility technologies and traditional vehicle testing. Designed by the world’s leading designer of automotive testing facilities, Tilke GmbH & Co. of Germany, ITIC’s master plan build out is occurring in priority phases to meet the most pressing industry demands for testing technologies.

Whether testing for safety, efficiency, durability or maneuverability, ITIC’s testbed is customizable for a multitude of configurations. Available to any organization, regardless of OEM, scientific or university affiliation, ITIC works to provide a unique testing experience for each customer’s needs.

WHAT WE DO Long before a vehicle goes to market, thousands of interconnected technologies must pass a battery of tests to prove their safety and efficacy. The International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) provides a secure and collaborative environment for automotive testing and validation.

Located in Greenville, SC, at the heart of the Upstate South Carolina automotive cluster, ITIC is an independent, non-profit proving ground for automotive OEMs, suppliers, technology providers and research universities to test and validate mobility innovations. In addition to offering multi-configuration test tracks, we provide a variety of services for developing and testing transportation megatrends such as vehicle automation, connectivity and electrification.

Ultimately, our unique testing services are designed to do the following:

• Attract nationally renowned companies and researchers;

• Attract knowledge-based economy jobs;

• Accelerate economic and community development in South Carolina; and

• Enhance educational and scientific initiatives in South Carolina and beyond.

For more information see: https://itic-sc.com/