“Tilke Engineers & Architects” established in 1983, is recognized as the world’s leading designer for racetrack and test facilities. We are one of the most experienced companies when it comes to planning and construction management pertaining to major projects within the automotive industry and motorsports sector. Tilke aims to design individual and state-of-the-art race tracks including grandstands, pit buildings, team buildings and other infrastructure facilities by fulfilling their clients’ needs and the permanently changing requirements on track-layout and safety. A unique balance between these requirements, an enormous engineering experience and competence as well as Hermann and Carsten Tilke’s individual racing driver career, makes the company a reliable and most valuable planning partner in the field of track design.

Besides developments directly relating to the automotive sector, Tilke is also involved in the design of hotels, administration buildings, housing projects, malls, and any sports and leisure facilities.

Our company comprises of an interdisciplinary and highly passionate team of engineers, architects, consultants and race drivers operating in various offices around the globe. Tilke’s services include civil engineering, architecture as well as electromechanical engineering and electronic engineering from the first initial concept to detailed design, construction supervision and project management.