2023 IAMTS SYMPOSIUM - Florida, USA May 22-24, 2023

Apr 13

2023 IAMTS SYMPOSIUM - Florida, USA May 22-24, 2023

Connect with leading experts from multinational stakeholders - Addressing readiness of cyber-physical test infrastructures and standardized verification and validation tools required to support scaling of automated transport technology.

What to Expect…

  • Take part in a hybrid event bringing together Global Automated Mobility Industry experts form transportation,
  • standardization and academia. Held for the first time in North America, from May 22nd .
  • Addressing regulatory frameworks across World Regions as well as standardization efforts, verification tools and validation methodology to enable scaling Automated Driving Systems to all public roadways.
  • A specific emphasis will be made on cyber-physical testbed environments, both open and closed.
  • Hosted in “New Urbanist” Seaside, Florida, 30A - providing an ideal venue for open environment showcases.
  • State-of-the-Art CAV testbed SUNTRAX will also host visitors and present its’ closed environment testing capabilities.

Event Opportunities...

  • Engage in keynotes, panels, and workgroup sessions with IAMTS members and guests, focused on the future of mobility and what this implies in terms of standardized Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) verification and validation.
  • Follow an introduction to the architectural design philosophy of the New Urbanist beach community in Seaside, from a mobility perspective, introducing specific transit challenges as well as potential opportunities for Automated Driving Systems verification and validation.
  • See the latest implementation of verification and validation apparatus at the SUNTRAX CAV testbed, in combination with digital testing capabilities provided through Florida Polytechnic University.

Some IAMTS Members, amongst others...

...have already confirmed their participation in the Symposium

Click here to register for May 22nd @ Seaside

Click here to register for May 24th @ Florida Polytechnic University & SUNTRAX

On behalf of the IAMTS Board, I am delighted to invite members of Media, Academia and Industry to gather with our Global community of connected automated vehicles verification and validation experts at our Symposium event’s first North American edition.

Alexander Kraus, IAMTS Chairman of the Board & TUEV Verband CTO (Mobility, Tüv Süd)